Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mi primer día en la República de México

Hola a todos!! I arrived in Mérida at nearly one in the morning today, as my flight was delayed for over four hours out of Houston due to the stormy weather. My host parents, Lesvia and Alberto, were waiting for me right outside of the airport, and after a quick snack, I fell right to sleep in my cute little (and very hot & humid) bedroom. This morning I met more of the family: Thania (their 21 year-old daughter, who studies the business of tourism AND to my great delight, is a salsa-dancing teacher), Talia (their 19-year-old daughter, a student of graphic design at another university in Mérida), Lupita (Alberto's mother, who lives here as well), and Lesvia's extended family who live just about a block away, in the same neighborhood: los Jardínes Coloniales de Mérida. Lesvia's sister, Gloria, is also hosting a student, Paige, from Minnesota, so the four of us (Lesvia, Gloria, Paige, and I) spent the morning throughout Mérida, doing various grocery-shopping chores, etc., and showing us the places we'll have to find for bus-stops, program offices, and how to get to la Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, where orientation will begin on Monday and classes a week after that. Tonight the extended family will have dinner together on the terrace (in this big beautiful backyard of theirs), and afterward Thania and her friends will bring Paige and I to Mambo Café to enjoy a night of salsa!
I hope that all of you Miami students are having a great move-in weekend, and good luck with your first week of class; to my family back home, I love you and don't miss me too much! I'll put up pictures soon (but first I have to take them...) - adios, amigos!

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  1. Hi Meghan! We've got you linked from the Mexico page of the website: and we'll mention you in the next Study Abroad Newsletter, which goes out next week! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures in Mexico.